Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Finished and Rigged

I finally got around to completing the rigging and getting the sail on. The sail was made to my dimensions by Sanders Sails of Lymington, In retrospect I could have made the sail a little taller but it is nicely made and will be fine for now. I measured up for the rigging and had this made but by Arthur's Chandlery in Gosport. The Mainsheet blocks are Selden and all the ropes are from the offcuts bin at the Marine Superstore Port Solent.

Looking at the blog it does seem that building this little dinghy has taken a huge amount of time but the reality is that I never set myself a timescale to work to because I didn't want that millstone around my neck. Not having a deadline has meant that I can work on the project when I feel like it and leave it when not.
Building Naughty Note has been hugely enjoyable and I am very pleased with the end result. From a technical aspect I have also tried out lots of new techniques and learned a lot that would be applied to a future project.
Watch this space for pics of the launch and first trip out.