Friday, 12 November 2010

The Rockers Rock!

The rockers have been cut out (quite a job with a dodgy old jigsaw) and all the bits trial fitted together. The cross pieces need some additional shaping to get the hull fitting snugly but it is starting to look very nice, in fact it rocks!

Friday, 5 November 2010

The pics below show some progress on the hull of the rocking boat, inner and outer gunwales have been fitted along with a handle for the captain. A coat of wood primer has been applied to the hull and seat with coat of varnish on what will be the brightwork.

The shape for the rockers has been marked out ready to cut, I could really do with a band saw to do this but as a dedicated wood-butcher without the correct tools I will be making do with a jigsaw. The rockers are 1.5"thick so it is going to be a struggle for my little jigsaw but if I go slowly with a new blade it should be possible. Fingers crossed.

Thursday, 4 November 2010

The next project

I decided that it was time to get wood butchering again and have had to change the title of the blog to reflect that this is no longer just about building a PBO Pup.

The next project should be much quicker as I am building a child's sit-on rocking boat that I hope will be finished in time for Christmas.

Here are two pictures taken a couple of weeks back. Transom and sides are being bonded together on a simple frame. The frame is cheapo ply from B&Q but I have used marine ply for the hull sides, I tried to use cheapo B&Q ply but it was far too stiff to bend as required.