Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Epoxy update #2

Having used the about 0.5KG of Reactive Resins Syntac EPAFD Epoxy for coating the gunwales on the Goat I am very pleased with the results.   I have tried both the "Fast" and "Rapid" hardeners and they give predictable cure times, easy over-coating and cures to an almost clear finish.  The resin has a low viscosity even at low temperatures that make it easy to coat and probably help it soak into the wood surface.

I am particularly pleased with a complete lack of amine blush that both West or PEC suffer from in perfect conditions yet the Syntac achieves no blush residue in the less than ideal conditions I have been working in.

Below are some pics of the gunwale that has had 3 coats applied, wet on tack.  All it needs is a little flatting down before a varnish is applied for UV protection.

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